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естественных наук

Hannover E.V.


Журнал Archiv EuroEco 01 2014archiv euroeco | 2014 | vol. 2 | num. 1 |


L. Kurakov, V. Golubev, V. Bushujev

A Word to the reAder

A. Gorbunov, A. Krupenya

einige AusgAngpunkten der Lehre von der noosphäre

Т.А. Chelnokova

theoretiCAL BAsis oF the teChnoLogY oF pedAgogiCAL designing

D.Z. Akhmetova

ConCeption oF impLementing inCLusive eduCAtion Consistent With mAintAining ContinuitY on vArious LeveLs oF eduCAtionAL sYstem

S.G. Demchenko, A.L. Faizkhanova

privAte mediCAL institutions gAin over muniCipAL ones in the Competition For Customers

V. Drozdov, A. Drozdov, M. Esipenko

modern tendenCies oF the deveLopment oF innovAtion entrepreneurship in the sphere oF reseArCh And deveLopment

O. Fesenko

deveLoping sports tourism in the CitY oF soChi

V.S. Golubev, L.P. Kurakov

hYmAnoLogY is one oF the mAin Lines oF sCienCes deveLopment in XXi CenturY

P.A. Kabanov

viCtimiZAtion monitoring oF Corruption-reLAted Crime in the repuBLiC oF BeLArus

M.V. Kramin, T.V. Kramin

Assessment oF eFFeCt oF LArge investment projeCts on deveLopment oF investment potentiAL oF regions oF russiA As eXempLiFied BY universiAde 2013 in kAZAn

T.V. Kramin, A.V. Timiryasova

deFining priorities oF mAnAgement oF investment AttrACtiveness oF the region And their ConsiderAtion in the FrAmeWork oF impLementing LArge sports events

L.P. Kurakov, S.M. Pyastolov

issues oF poLitiCAL strAtegY in deveLoping innovAtion sYstems

N.V. Malov

innovAtion ACtivitY in AgriCuLture: A Cross nAtionAL CompArison

A. Marschan

die Lehren Aus der krise Ziehen — BLiCk AuF FinnisChe WirtsChAFt

Z.G. Nigmatov

humAnistiC FoundAtions oF inCLusive eduCAtion

А.О. Ovcharov

stAtistiCAL AnALYsis oF tourist Food suppLY industrY

S.G. Olkov

generAL theorY oF tension oF BioLogiCAL And soCiAL FieLds

V. Tyminski

FiskALFöderALismus und die BesChränkung der mACht

N.F. Ugaslov

Attempts to eXpLAin the "AsiA’s mirACLe” BY FACtor theorY. roLe oF eduCAtionAL eXpenses

L.B. Shabanova

Consumer mArket For goods And serviCes As A mirror oF soCiAL And eConomiC trAnsFormAtion: From A CentrALiZed eConomY to the ACCession oF russiA the WorLd trAde orgAniZAtion



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