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Li MingdingLi Mingding

Li Mingding, male, born in 1960, a national level high-end talent introduction, is a seeking truth chair professor and doctoral advisor at Zhejiang University; Director of the National Key Laboratory of Infectious Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment/Genomics and Bioinformatics Center of Zhejiang University, and Chief Scientist of the National Major Project of Precision Medicine.

The Complex Disease Genetics and Bioinformatics Research Laboratory led by Professor Li Mingding is the first laboratory in the world to use gene chips and proteomics to study the effects of nicotine on human and model animal genomes. It is also the first laboratory to successfully locate nicotine addiction genes in the African American population using whole genome linkage methods. More than 250 SCI papers have been published as first or corresponding authors in internationally important journals, with nearly 11200 citations. Five English and one Chinese monograph have been published.







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