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Liang ChunLiang Chun

Liang Chun, male, born in 1962, Doctor of Philosophy (Biology) of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Deputy Director and Director of Cancer Research Center of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; He is an internationally renowned scientist in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and cancer research; Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Enkang Pharmaceutical Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Engaged in DNA replication, cell cycle and cancer mechanism research for more than 30 years; Collaborate with medical and pharmaceutical experts to study the molecular mechanisms of diseases, develop molecular detection methods and drugs. The research results have been published in the top international journal "Cell" (with over 30 influencing factors), and more than 60 papers have been published in other international journals, including 11 papers in the first region, with a total of over 300 influencing factors in the papers. The research results have a direct role in promoting DNA replication, cell cycle regulation, cell proliferation, cancer and other research fields. More than 40 invention patents have been applied for, of which 13 have been authorized; It is the first time to find DNA replication starting protein as a new anti-cancer target in the world, establish an international leading screening platform for original and highly selective targeted anti-cancer drugs, and develop new target inhibitor First in class tumor drugs. One of the FIC class of new anti-cancer drugs under development has a tumor inhibition rate of 100% in vivo, which shows the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity, and broad spectrum tumor suppression, and has entered China's clinical research.






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