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Ning YingjieNing Yingjie

Ning Yingjie, male, born in 1972, is a senior engineer with 26 years of professional technical work in highway bridge construction and prefabrication. He has rich experience in highway bridge construction and assembly. He is currently the Chief Engineer of the Construction Industrialization Division of Zhejiang Jiaotong Group, and his unique work "Bridge Assembly Construction Technology" was listed as a major scientific and technological innovation achievement in the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Transport in 2019. He has led multiple industrial intelligent manufacturing scientific and technological innovation achievements that have been widely promoted and applied, Publicly published over 90 papers of various types (including over 20 SCI papers); Hosted and participated in 5 academic works; Obtained over 70 utility model patents, 4 appearance patents, and 23 invention patents; Led and participated in the preparation of over 30 provincial, ministerial, and national level construction methods; More than 20 provincial-level and enterprise level research projects; 11 national standards, local standards in Zhejiang Province, and various group standards and specifications; More than 10 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards.





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