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Qiu LijuanQiu Lijuan

Qiu Lijuan, female, born in 1963, is a researcher of the Institute of Crop Science of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. As a member of the World Soybean Research Association, the executive director of the Chinese Crop Society and the chairman of the Soybean Professional Committee, she has organized or participated in many international conferences such as the World Soybean Research Conference. Hosted or undertaken scientific and technological cooperation on soybean resources between China and other countries. Led and completed 6 major projects on the cultivation of national biological new varieties and 6 major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, won 1 first prize and 2 second prizes respectively for national scientific and technological progress, and won 7 provincial and ministerial awards. Received 11 honors and personal rewards. Cultivate 4 postdoctoral students, 12 doctoral students, and 77 master's students. Cultivate 32 new varieties, including 7 Chinese approved varieties, and apply for 8 new variety rights. Received 61 authorized patents, including 10 international patents. Published 354 papers, including 133 in English; From 2020 to 2022, he was awarded the title of "Chinese Highly Cited Scholar" by Elsevier for three consecutive years.


邱丽娟,女,1963年出生,中国农业科学院作物科学研究所研究员,作为世界大豆研究会委员和中国作物学会常务理事和大豆专业委员会会长组织或参与组织多次如世界大豆研究大会等国际会议。主持或承担了中国和各国大豆资源科技合作。主持完成国家生物新品种培育重大课题和国家自然科学基金重大课题6项,获国家科技进步一等奖和二等奖各1项,获省部级奖励7项。获各种荣誉和个人奖励11项。培养博士后4人,博士12人,硕士77人。培育新品种32个,其中国审品种7个,申请获得新品种权8项。获得授权专利61项,其中国际专利 10项。发表论文3



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