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Tian LixinTian Lixin

Professor Tian Lixin is an excellent scientist in the interdisciplinary fields of mathematics, complex system analysis, applied mathematics and energy systems engineering. He has made contributions in optimization of complex systems cascading failure behaviour, solution analysis of nonlocal nonlinear wave equations, analysis and decision of energy complex system.

(1) Cascading failure behavior of complex system and its optimization

Cascading failure behavior of complex system is an international problem to be solved, and it is also one of the 125 international cutting-edge scientific problems published by Science. Professor Tian Lixin and his collaborators first proposed a coupled giant network system to provide the analytical representation model of cascade failure, and worked out the exact invulnerability conservation law formula, which gaved the dawn of the solution of the problem. This work has been published in 2 papers in PNAS and 2 papers in Physical Review E, has been cited more than 500 times, more than 20 academicians and international top scholars give it positive comments. The international mainstream science and technology media Phy.org has a long report on this:‘An international collaborative of researchers has developed the first theoretical framework demonstrating that community structure significantly affects the resilience of a system; their findings have wide ranging applications in social, technological, biological and climatic systems.’

(2) Analysis of the nonlocal solutions of a class of nonlinear wave equations

It is the first in the world to prove the existence, multiplicity and concentration of Kirchhoff's nonlocal Sobolev critical solution proposed by the famous German physicist Kirchhoff. This work was published in J. Diff. Equ., 2012, and it is an ESI highly cited paper and has become a basic reference for international research in this field. The candidate was the first to study the well-pose and blow-up conditions of the Cauchy problem of DGH equation, and establish the isospectral and scattering representation of the equation, the work was published in Comm.Math.Phy.,2005, and has been widely cited.

(3) Analysis and decision-making of energy complex system

Based on mathematical modeling, data analysis and optimal control, the multi-source heterogeneous space model of rooftop PV in energy systems was first established in the world, and the carbon emission reduction potential of rooftop PV in prefecture-level cities in China was simulated and quantified for the first time. This work was recently published in Nature Communications, 2023.

Evidence of sustained collaboration with European institutions and European centres of scholarship:

(1) During the tenure as Vice rector of Nanjing Normal University from July 2012 to July 2021, Tian Lixin signed 10 cooperation agreements with 10 European universities being Vice President in charge of foreign affairs. As Vice rector of Jiangsu University from July 2021 to August 2023, he participated in the signing of 22 cooperation agreements with 15 European universities.

(2) Four professors and three doctors from Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu University are recommended by Tian Lixin for academic exchange and cooperative research in 6 European universities.

(3) Cooperated with two European scholars and published two academic papers in the top international journals PNAS and Nature Communications.



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