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Wang ZhisenWang Zhisen

Wang Zhisen, male, Han nationality, born in 1971, is a doctoral student in the field of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. He is the chief Chinese medicine practitioner and doctoral supervisor. Expert of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Plan", National Excellent Science and Technology Worker, Leading Talent of the National High Level Talent Special Support Program, Chairman of Shijiazhuang and Tibet Zannuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in basic research on the integration of Chinese and Tibetan medicine and the research and development of modern Tibetan medicine, we have independently innovated the unique ethnic characteristics of the combination of Chinese and Tibetan medicine theory, component Tibetan medicine theory, and modern Tibetan medicine research and development system. For the first time, it is proposed to conduct component research on Tibetan medicine, introducing component Tibetan medicine research and quality management throughout the entire process of Tibetan medicine production into modern research on Tibetan medicine, and achieving standardized management of Tibetan medicine research and production. The chief editor has published ten monographs on ethnic medicine and has published over forty academic papers; Has successively led more than 20 research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, as well as provincial and municipal research projects; It has 24 national invention patents, 22 scientific and technological achievements in Hebei Province and the Tibet Autonomous Region, and eight provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards.



Wang Yu Энциклопедия ЕАЕН Wu Renbiao

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