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Wu RenbiaoWu Renbiao

Second-level professor, doctoral supervisor, vice president of Civil Aviation University of China, leader of China's first aviation safety doctoral program and top discipline in Tianjin.

Member of the 11th to 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), deputy to the 14th National People's Congress (NPC), member of the Safety Science and Engineering Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education , member of the National Higher Education Self-study Examination Steering Committee , member of the National Safety Production and Emergency Expert Group ( The only one in the field of aviation safety in universities) , one of the first three specially-appointed professors in Tianjin (ranked first) , the first batch of specially-appointed experts from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC, ranked first) , the first batch of leading talents in scientific and technological innovation from CCCA, member of the Ministry of Transport Expert Committee , director of China Air Transport Association (CATA), deputy director of Education Training and Culture Branch of CATA, executive director of China Transportation Association (CTA), former deputy director of Youth Work Committee of CTA, executive director of National Society of Public Safety Science and Technology (NSPSST), deputy director of Aviation Safety Committee Branch of NSPSST, director of Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), member of Academic Work Committee of CIE, standing committee member of Signal Processing Branch of CIE, member of Talent Work Committee of China Aeronautical Society , director of Tianjin Signal Processing Committee , senior member of IEEE , adjunct professor/doctoral supervisor of Tianjin University, Wuhan University and Xidian University, Shenzhen Pengcheng Scholar Distinguished Professor, Shenzhen National Leading Talent .

As the vice president of Civil Aviation University of China and the first batch of second-level professors, he has worked in the United States and the United Kingdom for nearly 5 years as a postdoctoral fellow, a visiting professor, and the first batch of national distinguished research scholars. Since 1999, he has served as the leader and specially appointed professor of the first batch of ten key disciplines in Tianjin " Communication and Information System " (the first provincial and ministerial key discipline in China's civil aviation). Currently serving as the leader and doctoral supervisor of Tianjin's top discipline and the first doctoral program of aviation safety in China, the director of the first batch of key laboratories in Tianjin in 2003 " Intelligent Signal and Image Processing ", leader of the Tianjin's key field innovation team in charge of "Information Processing in Civil Aviation Safety". He was in charge of the successful building of the first doctoral program and master program in China's civil aviation and has trained more than 180 doctoral and master students, including 2 of the first 6 aviation safety doctors in China and 2 of the first 7 master students in China civil aviation. 2 graduate students of him were awarded Thales Scholarship by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (out of a total of 35 people across the country). In 2003, he became the first recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund in the Chinese radar community. In 2006, he was awarded the Youth Science and Technology Award by the China Aeronautical Society and the Tianjin government simultaneously. In 2009, he was awarded the title of Top Ten Outstanding Study Abroad Staff in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening in Tianjin. In 2011, he was awarded the IEEE International Academic Exchange Outstanding Contribution Award. He has a strong ability to participate in and discuss state affairs. In 2019, he was hired by the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee as a member in the advice and suggestion expert group (a total of 19 people in the education sector). Many policy suggestions from him were adopted by the government and he won many awards. He published a monograph entitled "Participating in and Discussing Politics through Scientific Research" which is also one of the two monographs on the duty performance of the CPPCC members included in the smart reading platform of the CPPCC.

His main research interests include modern signal spectrum analysis, adaptive signal processing, radar imaging and recognition, satellite navigation information security and intelligent information processing in aviation safety. He has presided over 17 national scientific research projects including the National Key Research and Development Program, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National 863 High-Tech Program, the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the Overseas Outstanding Youth Cooperation Research Fund, and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Won 12 provincial and ministerial science and technology achievement awards (including 2 first prizes). Authorized nearly 80 national invention patents. He has published 13 academic monographs and specially invited chapters in English monographs (including 2 English monographs). "Adaptive Interference Mitigation in GNSS" is the first domestic and the world's most comprehensive related monograph (published in English at the same time). He has published more than 400 papers indexed by SCI and EI, and his published papers have been cited nearly 5,000 times by GoogleScholar. In 2020, he was selected as the top 2% of the world's top scientists in the " Lifetime Science Influence Ranking (1960-2019) " and " 2019 Science Influence Ranking " released by Stanford University in the United States. In 2021 and 2022, he stayed on the list of "Lifetime Scientific Influence Rankings".


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