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Zhang JunZhang Jun

Dr. Zhang Jun, born in September 1977, is a senior engineer in metallurgical engineering. Currently, he is the chief expert and leader in the field of rare earth alloy materials at the National Rare Earth Functional Materials Innovation Center; Distinguished expert from Ningbo Research Institute of Dalian University of Technology; Director of Liaoning Automotive Engineering Technology Society; Founder of Dalian Zhonghang Steel Research Special Materials Co., Ltd. The research fields mainly include: "Design and Application of Rare Earth Heat Resistant Alloy Materials", "Low Expansion Valuable Alloy Electronic Packaging Materials", "Diamond Preparation Technology and Application Fundamentals", "Preparation Process of Rare Earth Metal Functional Materials", "Research on Technology Connection Mechanism in Industry University Research Technology Alliance", etc. I have been awarded the Outstanding Young Position Expert of Liaoning Province Direct Enterprise and the Outstanding Achievement Award of Dalian Technology Innovation Dalian May Day Labor Medal, etc; Participated in and completed projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Interactive Relationship between China's Economic Development and R&D Efficiency - Empirical Analysis Based on the Provincial Panel VAR Model) and major projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China (Comparison of FDI Technology Spillovers and Independent R&D). Led the research and development of more than ten projects, including replacing imported high-end wear-resistant dental materials, basic materials for high-end hot end components, and rare earth expansion alloys for optoelectronic communication, Both have made significant industry application contributions. Through more than 20 years of market oriented product research and development practice, we have explored and solved key common problems in the application of materials in multiple downstream industries. In recent years, by focusing on special metal functional materials based on rare earth application technology, we have upgraded the technology of over 260 brands of products and planned industry-leading process routes. Currently, we have developed and implemented products that are widely used in high-end equipment manufacturing such as aerospace, nuclear power, rail transit, hot end components, microwave communication, petrochemical, sensors, and defense and military industries. I have presided over and completed the revision of 69 technical standards, 67 process procedures, and 25 patent applications in this field, consolidating the technical foundation work in this field. While achieving collaborative innovation with downstream industries, leading the group to break through common technologies in multiple functional material segmentation fields, such as high permeability, strong corrosion resistance, and stable service performance key control technologies of rare earth corrosion-resistant and high magnetic properties permalloy ultra-thin strips; The key technologies for controlling the high cleanliness, ultrafine grains, and harmless inclusion of rare earth heat-resistant nickel chromium molybdenum niobium alloy materials have formed a material grading design system with independent intellectual property rights in China, promoting the deep integration and high-quality development of rare earth and high-end metal functional materials.



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