Европейская академия
естественных наук

Hannover E.V.


V.M. Zaporozhets, The Seljuks; Hannover - 2012

Printed by the decision of the European Academy of Natural Sciences e.V.

The proposed scientific effort is written in an easily accessible format, and opens before the reader a panorama of the establishment, rise and the decline of the Seljuk dynasty, which in the 11th century created a powerful empire. Its territories spanned from the foothills of the Tian Shan Mountains in the East, to the shores of the Red Sea in the West; from the Caspian Sea in the North, to the Indian Ocean in the South. One of the dynastic branches formed the Seljuk state in Asia Minor (1075 – 1318 CE), the direct predecessor of the Ottoman Empire and the modern-day Turkish Republic. This research is based upon rare medieval sources, contains maps and antique engravings of several cities under the Seljuk control.

Dear Readers,

History is a legacy left to us by our ancestors; it is priceless experience that allows the future generations to learn on the mistakes of the past. It is the duty of every man to preserve the existential philosophy, momentous events, and celebrated names of his people. To carry within himself the spirit of his ancestors, complement it with the very best and pass it on to his children.

There are plenty of books and other materials on the history of the great Ottoman Empire – the most powerful and influential Islamic state of the Middle Ages. Its territories included Eastern and Southern Europe, parts of North Africa and essentially all of Arab east. Ottoman Empire is also credited with conquering Byzantium, but few realize that the true victors in the battle against the mighty Byzantine Empire were the Seljuks – the subjects of this very book.

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